[ ter-uhl ]


  1. a city in NE Texas.

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Example Sentences

Darryl watched Terrell collapse during a basketball scrimmage.

When you see Darryl in an opponent’s face and he’s talking stuff, that’s Terrell.

Doctors discovered an anomalous valve in Terrell’s heart, and he died two weeks later.

The rest of MacCallum’s segment with Terrell used the books’ covers as B-roll.

Terrell, 10, never regained consciousness, and he died about two weeks later.

“He gives people hope,” said photographer Cedric Terrell, himself a former Marine.

“The Democrats want you to think they are the party of women,” said Terrell.

I went home and did some research on Gordy, Motown, Diana Ross, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

Dante Terrell Smith, popularly known as Mos Def, is two people right now.

The second Dante Terrell Smith lives up to his silly nickname.

William Terrell, an accomplished and useful citizen of Georgia, died at Sparta in that state.

Mary Church Terrell has very well established herself as an acceptable speaker on the race problem and so have many others.

De oberseer, Zack Terrell, sees me an' when I gits back ter de house he grabs me ter whup me.

Both personally and officially I believe the record of Minister Terrell will sustain him.

Both Minister Terrell and myself cabled it to America as such.





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