tertium quid

[ tur-shee-uh m kwid; Latin ter-ti-oo m kwid ]
/ ˈtɜr ʃi əm ˈkwɪd; Latin ˈtɛr tɪˌʊm ˈkwɪd /


something related in some way to two things, but distinct from both; something intermediate between two things.

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Origin of tertium quid

1715–25; < Latin, translation of Greek tríton·ti some third thing

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British Dictionary definitions for tertium quid

tertium quid

/ (ˈtɜːtɪəm ˈkwɪd) /


an unknown or indefinite thing related in some way to two known or definite things, but distinct from boththere is either right or wrong, with no tertium quid

Word Origin for tertium quid

C18: from Late Latin, rendering Greek triton ti some third thing

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Word Origin and History for tertium quid

tertium quid


1724, Latin, literally "third something," loan-translation of Greek triton ti (Plato), used in alchemy for "unidentified element present in a combination of two known ones."

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