[ tes ]


  1. a female given name, form of Theresa.

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Example Sentences

I began to hunt among the piles of canvases, saying, “Hurry up, Tess, and get ready; we must take advantage of the morning light.”

“How foolish, Tess, to go and buy me such a beautiful thing as this,” I said.

Tess Morris is a London-based screenwriter: If Helen Fielding felt that Darcy needed to go, then, well, Darcy needed to go.

Meanwhile, Tess will have slipped off somewhere and disposed of her body so that it will never be found.

Tess wants to die, but she also wants to spare her friends and family the trauma of dealing with her suicide.

In other words, Harry didn't stop to figure that you were selling him stuff that Tess Rillette had nothing to do with.

And he finally gave you up altogether because he was getting big ideas concerning Tess Rillette.

Up Fourth avenue and two turns to blade through heavy uptown traffic and then down the street where Tess Rillette lived.

Tess Rillette was grabbing Lasseroe's arm, saying, "Please—enough has already happened—"

Tess Rillette was screaming and putting herself between Frey and Lasseroe, in an ungraceful try at the old martyr act.