/ ˈtɛsə /

acronym for

  1. Tax Exempt Special Savings Account; a former (available 1991–99) tax-free savings scheme

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Example Sentences

Tessa will eventually meet her mother, Alex (Malin Akerman), though that might take a while.

The show stars a teenager named Tessa, forced by her dad to leave New York City for so-called suburban bliss.

Tessa Jowell Former Olympics Minister, offered a settlement.

Like her mother, Tessa, she now writes, including a novel, The Man With the Dancing Eyes.

Tessa, a writer and contributing editor to Tatler, suffered bouts of depression and alcoholism.

I hope that you never will grow up, said Tessa, earnestly, every thing is just as bad as you can dream.

Tessa had gone down to her flower-bed to pull a few weeds that had pushed themselves in among her pansies.

It is best not to dig and delve for a meaning, Miss Tessa; society sanctions many phrases that you would not speak in sincerity.

If you get him, Tessa, youll get a catch, remarked Mrs. Wadsworth watching the effect of her words.

Tessa, you are not brilliant, Miss Jewett had once remarked, but you do go right to the spot.