[ tes-ee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Theresa.

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Example Sentences

Tessie sat by the window, but as I came in she rose and put both arms around my neck for an innocent kiss.

I am sure I wished to do so, and yet Tessie pleaded with me in vain.

Had it been anybody but Tessie I should not have bothered my head about scruples.

Tessie leaned back on the open window-sill and began very seriously.

Tessie helped me clean my brushes, and then danced away to dress.

Sassafras, youre feeding Tessie too much red meat, said Tootles, shifting his metaphors as Sam came to the rescue.

It's nine o'clock and Red Nose Tessie never likes to miss none of the show.

Mr. Walker's face was all frowning disapproval, while Tessie's face was all flushed with unbelieving wonder.

Tessie, like long, thin Mr. Walker, felt quite unequal to the situation.

Tessie flirted her hand across her eyes and swung around to stare into the smiling face of a very good-looking young man.