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noun, plural tes·ta·tri·ces [te-stey-truh-seez, tes-tuh-trahy-seez] /tɛˈsteɪ trəˌsiz, ˌtɛs təˈtraɪ siz/, Law.
  1. a woman who makes a will.
  2. a woman who has died leaving a valid will.
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Origin of testatrix

1585–95; < Late Latin testātrīx; see testator, -trix

Usage note

See -trix.
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Historical Examples of testatrix

  • But the testatrix in the case at bar has left nothing to construction.

    History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)


  • Do you think you would know the testatrix if you saw her again?

  • The other testified that he saw the testatrix sign the instrument.

  • The will was signed by the testatrix in the presence of two witnesses.

  • They will be long, long worn in memory of the dear testatrix.