[ tes-tuh n, -ton, te-stoon ]
/ ˈtɛs tən, -tɒn, tɛˈstun /


a former silver coin of France, equal at various times to between 10 and 14½ sols, bearing on the obverse a bust of the reigning king.
a former silver coin of England, issued by Henry VII, Henry VIII, and Edward VI, and bearing on the obverse the bust of the reigning king: equal originally to 12 pence, later to sixpence.
Also tes·to·ne [te-stoh-ney] /tɛˈstoʊ neɪ/. a former silver coin of Milan, first issued in 1468, bearing on the obverse a bust of the Duke of Milan.

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Also tes·toon [te-stoon] /tɛˈstun/.

Origin of teston

1535–45; < French < Italian testone, augmentative of testa head < Late Latin; see testa

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Examples from the Web for teston

  • "My predecessors thought themselves dishonoured by knowing the value of a teston," Henry used to say.

    Sir Charles Napier|Sir William Francis Butler
  • That, with about a teston which it cost him in returning, is over and above the amount for printing.

British Dictionary definitions for teston


testoon (tɛˈstuːn)

/ (ˈtɛstən) /


a French silver coin of the 16th century
Also called: tester an English silver coin of the 16th century, originally worth one shilling, bearing the head of Henry VIII

Word Origin for teston

C16: from Italian testone, from testa head, from Late Latin: skull, from Latin: shell

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