[ tey-wuh, tee- ]


, plural Te·was, (especially collectively) Te·wa
  1. a member of a cluster of pueblo-dwelling North American Indian peoples of New Mexico and Arizona.
  2. the Tanoan language of the Tewa.

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Example Sentences

You can’t go wrong with a Tewa taco or blue corn enchiladas.

They learned that the victorious allies had been guilty of the most intolerable cruelty towards the people of Tewa.

He was confident that by sailing northward, with a fair wind, we should reach Tewa in less than a day.

He also writes a good deal, and asks Eiulo many questions respecting the customs, ceremonies, and traditions of Tewa.

Nampeo, most famous potter in Hopiland, is an aged Tewa woman still living at Hano, in the first house at the head of the trail.

Hano, or "Tewa" as it is sometimes called, has been built lately; that is, it cannot be more than 100 or 200 years old.


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