/ (ˈtɛksən) /

  1. a native or inhabitant of Texas

  1. of or relating to Texas or its inhabitants

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How to use Texan in a sentence

  • While a score or so faced about to meet the Mexicans, a dozen charged with screeches and brandished lances upon the Texan.

    Overland | John William De Forest
  • Here we learned that a cavalcade of four hundred Texan Rangers had advanced into Tennessee by the roads on the day before.

  • The Texan went off to rub down his horse, mend his accoutrements, squat around the cooking fires, and gamble with the drivers.

    Overland | John William De Forest
  • The Mexican was a worthless fellow, but of course an effort has been made to fasten the crime on the Texan residents of the town.

  • The Texan paced to and fro beside the camp-fire with bent head, and hands locked behind him.