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[ tekst-book ]


  1. a book used by students as a standard work for a particular branch of study.


  1. pertaining to, characteristic of, or seemingly suitable for inclusion in a textbook; typical; classic:

    a textbook case.


/ ˈtɛkstˌbʊk /


    1. a book used as a standard source of information on a particular subject
    2. ( as modifier )

      a textbook example

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Derived Forms

  • ˈtextˌbookish, adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of textbook1

First recorded in 1720–30; text + book

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Example Sentences

One of them told VOSD she started receiving hundreds of dollars in water bills this spring and said she had to use her child’s college textbook money to try and cover them.

The nonfiction books of today are not the textbooks of yesteryear.

Walking through the marble halls of Congress is far more powerful than reading about the institution in textbooks.

Amy Wilson, 29, an architect based in Washington state, has a textbook pandemic job-loss story.

Her detailed virus photos have appeared in textbooks and science articles.

That was exactly as they were listed in the textbook, and that was how Jackson wanted it.

The stakes are high: A Texas state adoption of a textbook means a very lucrative sale.

Now the SBOE is considering what textbook publishers have produced in response to the TEKS requirements.

The Vietnam War offers textbook cases about what pictures can do to shape our understanding.

Therefore we lack the typical medical textbook level of detail that helps us anticipate the next problem.

Were that the case, we might be right in questioning its superiority over our method of teaching by textbook.

It is not the purpose of this volume to offer a mere textbook or a scholastic essay on historical events.

I can see him nosing it all out in some textbook that was out of date when he was a student.

A textbook of diagnosis and prognosis for all concerned in understanding offenders.

If the reader wishes to know something about these frequencies, such information can be found in a textbook on physics.


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