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a person who communicates by text messaging
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What does texter mean?

A texter is a person who communicates through text message.

Texter is used in many of the same ways as the word caller, except, of course, that it refers to someone sending a text message instead of someone making a phone call. Texter is often used when discussing the quality or quantity of someone’s texting.

Example: If you don’t reply to my messages immediately, I consider you a bad texter.

Where does texter come from?

The modern sense of the word texter didn’t come about until after the word text became a way to refer to a text message. This all happened around the early 1990s. Of course, it wasn’t until after texting became commonplace in the early 2000s that texter entered most people’s vocabularies.

Texter can be used neutrally, simply to refer to someone who sends or has sent a text, as in I don’t know who this texter is—I don’t recognize that number, or To enter the contest, text this number and we’ll randomly choose one texter as the winner.

It can also be used to refer to someone who texts frequently, as in I hate when I go to the movies and sit next to a texter who’s on their phone the whole time, or Oh yes, Jim is a texter—he texts me like 50 times a day.

Perhaps even more commonly, it is used to describe how effective someone is at communicating via text (especially how responsive they are), as in My kids are the worst texters—sometimes they don’t reply to my messages for days.

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What are some other forms of texter?

  • texters (plural)

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How is texter used in real life?

Texter is often used when discussing the tendencies of the person who’s texting, especially how much they text or how long they take to respond to messages.






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It took me a long time to turn my dad into a texter, but now he sends me whole strings of emoji.

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