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[ thangk-yoo ]


  1. expressing one's gratitude or thanks:

    a thank-you note.


  1. an expression of thanks, as by saying “thank you”:

    I never got so much as a thank-you for helping him.

thank you


  1. a conventional expression of gratitude

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Word History and Origins

Origin of thank-you1

1785–95 thank-you fordef 2; noun and adj. use of verb phrase thank you

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Example Sentences

Harry even recorded a videoed thank-you message to the people of Brazil.

If you smoked Colombian weed in the 1970s and 1980s, I owe you a thank-you card.

Things like handwritten thank-you notes, rolltop desks, and tennis whites.

He taps his foot and rests his head on the wall behind him, which is overflowing with thumb-tacked thank-you cards.

The recreation therapy department afterward sent the club a thank-you note.

At one of the thank-you-marms in the road the sick man stopped, like a weary horse, to breathe.

The trees were stripped bare of leaves, the ground was hard, and the wagon wheels rattled noisily over the thank-you-ma'ams.

It was a “thank-you-ma'am” in the middle of the road that caused Arabella's angry speech to end in a little shriek.

And then, when they are ready to go back to their villas or hotel, take his motor-boat without a thank-you.

I meant this to be just a short little thank-you note—but when I get started I seem to have a ready pen.


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