[ thaw ]
/ θɔ /

verb (used without object)

verb (used with object)


Origin of thaw

before 1000; (v.) Middle English thawen, Old English thawian; cognate with Dutch dooien, Old Norse theyja; (noun) late Middle English, derivative of the v.

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British Dictionary definitions for thaw

/ (θɔː) /


to melt or cause to melt from a solid frozen statethe snow thawed
to become or cause to become unfrozen; defrost
(intr) to be the case that the ice or snow is meltingit's thawing fast
(intr) to become more sociable, relaxed, or friendly


Derived forms of thaw

thawer, nounthawless, adjective

Word Origin for thaw

Old English thawian; related to Old High German douwen to thaw, Old Norse theyja to thaw, Latin tabēre to waste away
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