[ they-er, thair ]


  1. Sylvanus, 1785–1872, U.S. army officer and educator.
  2. William Roscoe, 1859–1923, U.S. historian and author.

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Example Sentences

He stars alongside eternal comedy underdog Chris Elliot (Get a Life, Cabin Boy) and Maria Thayer (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

Liz, a small, personable woman, says she does not want to punish Cheryl Thayer.

The other is Cheryl Thayer, who has pleaded guilty to killing Katie Elizabeth Savino.

Thayer's is a lively journalistic account, thinly sourced and very far from authoritative.

The Mother Jones chart cites a 1974 book by George Thayer titled "Who Shakes the Money Tree?"

And Sid Thayer, he said you belonged with them this time, but we said you wasn't an up-town boy, and we wouldn't stand it.

For every log that he sent to the saw in this wise, he knew that Thayer was sending ten,—and at a tenth of the cost.

Thayer and the men in his employ could not keep him out of his own woods, or prevent him from cutting his own timber.

Thayer nodded, still looking at the floor, his tongue licking suddenly dry lips.

A moment later two figures had departed in the dusk,—the sheriff and Fred Thayer, bound for the jail at Montview.