[ok-si-duh nt]


the Occident,
  1. the West; the countries of Europe and America.
  2. Western Hemisphere.
(lowercase) the west; the western regions.

Origin of Occident

Middle English < Middle French < Latin occident- (stem of occidēns) present participle of occidere to fall, (of the sun) to set, equivalent to oc- oc- + cid- (combining form of cadere to fall) + -ent- -ent
Can be confusedaccident Occident
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British Dictionary definitions for the occident


noun the Occident

the countries of Europe and America
the western hemisphere



a literary or formal word for west Compare orient

Word Origin for occident

C14: via Old French from Latin occidere to fall, go down (with reference to the setting sun); see occasion
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Word Origin and History for the occident



late 14c., "western part" (of the heavens or earth), from Old French occident (12c.) or directly from Latin occidentem (nominative occidens) "western sky, sunset, part of the sky in which the sun sets," noun use of adjective meaning "setting," from present participle of occidere "fall down, go down" (see occasion (n.)).

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Culture definitions for the occident

The Occident

Term referring originally to Europe but now including North America and South America as well. Occident means “the West,” as opposed to Orient, “the East.”

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