[ thur-mit ]

  1. a brand of thermite.

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How to use Thermit in a sentence

  • The charge of Thermit is added by placing a few handfuls over the refractory sand and then pouring in the balance required.

  • The number of pounds of wax required for this filling multiplied by 25 will give the number of pounds of Thermit to be used.

  • The development of Thermit grenades was still in the experimental stage when the armistice was signed.

  • Two crucibles each containing 700 pounds of the Thermit mixture are seen on the sides of the vessel.

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  • For smaller work Thermit has two rivals, the oxy-acetylene torch and electric welding.

    Creative Chemistry | Edwin E. Slosson

British Dictionary definitions for Thermit


Thermite (ˈθɜːmaɪt)

/ (ˈθɜːmɪt) /

  1. trademark a mixture of aluminium powder and a metal oxide, such as iron oxide, which when ignited reacts with the evolution of heat to yield aluminium oxide and molten metal: used for welding and in some types of incendiary bombs

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