[ adjective thik-set; noun thik-set ]
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  1. set thickly or in close arrangement; dense: a thickset hedge.

  2. studded, or furnished thickly; closely packed: a sky thickset with stars.

  1. heavily or solidly built; stocky: a thickset young man.

  1. a thicket.

Origin of thickset

1325–75; Middle English thikke sette.See thick (adv.), set

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How to use thickset in a sentence

  • A former groom; born about 1767; short, thickset, wife-led, one-eyed.

    Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine, Complete, A -- Z | Anatole Cerfberr and Jules Franois Christophe
  • He was a short, thickset man with white side whiskers, and looked like an infuriated Santa Claus, for he was covered with snow.

    The Belted Seas | Arthur Colton
  • Vulcan is represented as rather short and thickset, lame in one foot, with a cap on his curly head, and a hammer in his hand.

  • Nearly every warrior in camp recognized the short, thickset figure and the broad, pleasant face when they presented themselves.

    The Life of Kit Carson | Edward S. Ellis
  • He is swarth and thickset, and some five feet eight inches—full six inches under your own height.

    Richard Carvel, Complete | Winston Churchill

British Dictionary definitions for thickset


/ (ˌθɪkˈsɛt) /

  1. stocky in build; sturdy

  2. densely planted or placed

  1. a rare word for thicket

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