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verb (used with object), thieved, thiev路ing.
to take by theft; steal.
verb (used without object), thieved, thiev路ing.
to act as a thief; commit theft; steal.
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Origin of thieve

before 950; Old English th膿ofian, derivative of the艒fthief (not recorded in ME)


thiev路ing路ly, adverboutthieve, verb (used with object), out路thieved, out路thiev路ing.
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What does聽thieve mean?

To thieve is to steal鈥攖o commit theft.

A person who thieves is a thief. The words thief and theft are often used in situations in which a person steals in secret and without using force or violence. However, the word thieve is used in the context of all kinds of thefts, even violent ones. Thieve often implies that such thieving is done habitually or as part of a criminal lifestyle.

The related word thievery can mean the same thing as theft, but it typically refers to the practice of thieving鈥攖hieves lead a life of thieving and thievery.

Thieve is sometimes followed by the thing that will be or has been stolen, as in I just realized my kids have been thieving the coins from the fountain.聽

Thieve should not be confused with a form of the noun thief or its plural, thieves.

Example: He is a pirate, a rogue鈥攈e thieves and plunders without remorse.

Where does聽thieve come from?

The first records of the word thieve come from before 950. It comes from the Old English th膿ofian.

A person who thieves or has a tendency to thieve can be described as thievish or thieving, as in Come back here, you lying, thieving rapscallion! Thieve and related words like thievery and thieving can sometimes sound a bit old-timey, like they鈥檙e out of a classic adventure novel.

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How is聽thieve used in real life?

Thieve is not commonly used. When it is, it often implies that the person doing the thieving does so as part of leading a life of crime.

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Which of the following actions could be considered a case of thieving?

A. shoplifting
B. pickpocketing
C. bank robbery
D. all of the above

How to use thieve in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for thieve

/ (胃i藧v) /

to steal (someone's possessions)

Derived forms of thieve

thievery, noun

Word Origin for thieve

Old English th膿ofian, from th膿of thief
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