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Origin of thin

First recorded before 900; (adjective and adverb) Middle English thyn(ne),Old English thynne; cognate with Dutch dun,German dünn,Old Norse thunnr; (verb) Middle English thynnen,Old English thynnian, derivative of the adjective; compare Middle Dutch dunnen,Old Norse thynna; akin to Old Irish tana,Latin tenuis thin, Greek tany- long

synonym study for thin

3. Thin, gaunt, lean, spare agree in referring to one having little flesh. Thin applies often to one in an unnaturally reduced state, as from sickness, overwork, lack of food, or the like: a thin, dirty little waif. Gaunt suggests the angularity of bones prominently displayed in a thin face and body: to look ill and gaunt. Lean usually applies to a person or animal that is naturally thin: looking lean but healthy after an outdoor vacation. Spare implies a muscular leanness with no diminution of vitality: Lincoln was spare in body.


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British Dictionary definitions for thin

/ (θɪn) /

adjective thinner or thinnest
in order to produce something thinto cut bread thin
verb thins, thinning or thinned
to make or become thin or sparse

Derived forms of thin

thinly, adverbthinness, noun

Word Origin for thin

Old English thynne; related to Old Frisian thenne, Old Saxon, Old High German thunni, Old Norse thunnr, Latin tenuis thin, Greek teinein to stretch
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