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think twice

  1. not think twice . Take no notice, not worry about, as in She didn't think twice about flying off to Europe with a day's notice . [Mid-1900s]

  2. Reconsider something, weigh something carefully, as in I've got to think twice before spending that much on a car . [Late 1800s]

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Example Sentences

Spoiler: you may think twice before getting another Grande Chestnut Praline Latte.

Even if she had found one, she would think twice before taking him there.

Would she think twice about playing a former lover to buy herself a shorter prison time?

Think twice about filming that two-minute masterpiece and making yourself the next Paris Hilton (if you're lucky).

And this approach would make the dictators in Pyongyang, Damascus, and Beijing think twice now as well.

Louis would not think twice on the implied suspicions against himself, which every sentence of the letter contained.

His last words when he bade me farewell, and gave me his blessing were, to remember always to think twice before I spoke once.

"You'd better think twice on that proposition, Henriette," I advised with a gloomy shake of the head.

I tell you thus much, that you may not do anything foolish; and having said this, I advise you to think twice before you act once.

It's a pleasant thing to ride out and see the country, but we are apt to think twice about the cost before we act once.





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