[ thur-tee-siks ]


  1. a cardinal number, 30 plus 6.
  2. a symbol for this number, as 36 or XXXVI.
  3. a set of this many persons or things.


  1. amounting to 36 in number.

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Example Sentences

Thirty-six percent were in favor and 38 percent were opposed.

As a thirty-six-year-old olive-skinned Puerto Rican woman, Maddy had been doubly lonely since the first week of trial.

Thirty-six Palestinians and Israeli Arabs were killed by Israeli police and troops in the first three days of the second intifada.

Thirty-six hours ago, a fiscal cliff deal had seemed within reach.

Thirty-six percent is well below the 43 percent Obama captured four years ago.

With the announcement of the thirty-six directors, it was possible to proceed to the active opening of the institutions.

Of the thirty-six artillery men manning the guns, twenty-four had been killed and wounded.

This same engine is still at work, and her regular duty is from thirty-six to thirty-eight millions.

In some regions it is as high as forty-nine or fifty inches and, in others, as low as thirty-six or thirty-seven inches.

Off the Buccaneer's Archipelago the tides are strong and rise to the height of thirty-six feet.