[ th is ]
/ ðɪs /

pronoun, plural these [th eez] /ðiz/.

adjective, plural these [th eez] /ðiz/.


(used with adjectives and adverbs of quantity or extent) to the extent or degree indicated: this far; this softly.

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    with this, following this; hereupon: With this, he threw down his glass and left the table.

Origin of this

before 900; (pronoun and adj.) Middle English; Old English: nominative and accusative neuter singular of the demonstrative pronoun thes (masculine), thēos (feminine); cognate with German dies, Old Norse thissi; (adv.) Middle English, special use of the OE instrumental singular thȳs, thīs, accusative singular neuter this, perhaps by association with thus Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for this


/ (ðɪs) /

determiner (used before a singular noun)


used with adjectives and adverbs to specify a precise degree that is about to be mentionedgo just this fast and you'll be safe

Word Origin for this

Old English thēs, thēos, this (masculine, feminine, neuter singular); related to Old Saxon thit, Old High German diz, Old Norse thessi

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Idioms and Phrases with this


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