Thomas Aquinas

[ tom-uhs ]

Aquinas, Thomas

  1. A thirteenth-century Italian priest and philosopher who became the most influential theologian of the Middle Ages . Aquinas, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church , sought to reconcile faith and reason by showing that elements of the philosophy of Aristotle were compatible with Christianity . His greatest work is the .

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Example Sentences

He was not so voluminous a writer as Thomas Aquinas, but less diffuse; his style is lucid, like that of Voltaire.

The world never saw a more complete system of dogmatic theology than that elaborated by Thomas Aquinas.

Like the brazen servant Thomas Aquinas made under the influence of particular stars.

St. Thomas Aquinas was born in 1227, and became the greatest theologian and master of logic and powerful reasoner of his age.

God, says Thomas Aquinas, calls us to a supernatural end, which by his natural powers man could not attain.


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