[thawng, thong]


a strip of material, especially of leather or hide, used to fasten or secure something.
a strip of leather or hide used for whipping; whiplash.
a shoe or slipper fastened to the foot chiefly by a strip of leather or other material passing between the first and second toes and often attaching to another strip of material, as a strap across the instep or around the ankle.
a brief garment for the lower body that exposes the buttocks, consisting of a strip of fabric passing between the thighs and attached to a band around the waist.

Origin of thong

before 950; Middle English; Old English thwong; akin to Old Norse thvengr strap, thvinga to compel
Related formsthonged, adjective
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Related Words for thong

sandal, lace, strap, band, leash, strip, lash, rein, twitch, whip

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Historical Examples of thong

  • At one end there was a thong with a loop in it, and it smelled of tiger.

    The Trail Book

    Mary Austin

  • Kingozi dropped his glasses to the end of its thong with a cheer.

    The Leopard Woman

    Stewart Edward White

  • Pass me the thong of buckskin, Uncas, and let me take the length of this foot.

    The Last of the Mohicans

    James Fenimore Cooper

  • Then the end of the thong was given over to him by Grey Beaver.

    White Fang

    Jack London

  • The thong was cut across, diagonally, almost as clean as though done by a knife.

    White Fang

    Jack London

British Dictionary definitions for thong



a thin strip of leather or other material, such as one used for lashing things together
a whip or whiplash, esp one made of leather
US, Canadian, Australian and NZ the usual name for flip-flop (def. 5)
  1. a skimpy article of beachwear, worn by men or women, consisting of thin strips of leather or cloth attached to a piece of material that covers the genitals while leaving the buttocks bare
  2. a similar item of underwear

Word Origin for thong

Old English thwang; related to Old High German dwang reins, Old Norse thvengr strap
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Word Origin and History for thong

Old English þwong "thong, narrow strip of leather (used as a cord, band, strip, etc.)," from Proto-Germanic *thwangaz (cf. Old Norse þvengr), from PIE root *twengh- "to press in on, to restrain." As a kind of sandal, first attested 1965; as a kind of bikini briefs, 1990.

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