[ thras-uh-byoo-luhs ]

  1. died c389 b.c., Athenian patriot and general.

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How to use Thrasybulus in a sentence

  • Presently Thrasybulus, with about seventy followers, sallied out from Thebes, and made himself master of the fortress of Phyle.

    Hellenica | Xenophon
  • This was the moment for Thrasybulus and his men to snatch up their arms and make a dash at the enemy's position.

    Hellenica | Xenophon
  • Home to Petana comes Thrasybulus lifeless on his shield, seven Argive wounds before.

  • The messenger took him for a fool, but Periander understood: Thrasybulus was counselling him to slay the principal citizens.

  • They had commissioned, they said, Theramenes and Thrasybulus to save the shipwrecked men.

    Callias | Alfred John Church