[ thret-n ]
/ 藞胃r蓻t n /
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verb (used with object)
to utter a threat against; menace: He threatened the boy with a beating.
to be a menace or source of danger to: Sickness threatened her peace of mind.
to offer (a punishment, injury, etc.) by way of a threat: They threatened swift retaliation.
to give an ominous indication of: The clouds threaten rain.
verb (used without object)
to utter or use threats.
to indicate impending evil or mischief.
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Origin of threaten

before 1000; Middle English thretnen,Old English thr膿atnian, derivative of thr膿at pressure, oppression. See threat, -en1


threat路en路er, nounoutthreaten, verb (used with object)pre路threat路en, verb (used with object)re路threat路en, verb
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What does聽threaten mean?

To threaten someone is to indicate that you will cause harm to or create some other kind of negative consequences for them, especially to pressure them to do something or not to do something.

This kind of statement is called a threat. Threatening someone often involves a promise to physically harm them in retaliation for what they have done or might do. A bank robber might threaten a bank teller by telling them he鈥檒l shoot them if they don鈥檛 hand over the money. Some threats are simply meant to intimidate, and don鈥檛 involve pressuring someone to do something. A bully might threaten to punch you for no good reason.

Not all threats involve violence. You can threaten someone with a lawsuit.

The word threat can also refer to someone or something that may potentially cause harm or damage, and threaten can mean to be a source of potential harm or damage. A disease threatens your health. A security threat is someone or something that threatens to make a situation unsafe.

Threat can also mean a warning or sign that harm or trouble is coming, and threaten can mean to indicate potential harm or trouble, as in It is threatening to storm out there.聽

The adjective threatening is used to describe someone or something that causes alarm, intimidates, or is intended to intimidate, as in You look very threatening in that costume.聽

The adjective threatened means in danger, as in I felt threatened or We need to protect threatened species.聽

Example: The rowdy students immediately started to behave after the teacher threatened to call their parents.

Where does聽threaten come from?

The first records of the word threaten come from before 1000. It ultimately comes from the Old English thr茅at, meaning 鈥減ressure鈥 or 鈥減unishment.鈥 The suffix -en is used to form verbs (as in strengthen).

Threatening someone is usually meant to pressure them to do something (or not do something) by indicating what the punishment will be if they don鈥檛 comply. For example, you might threaten your brother that you will tell your parents that he was out past curfew unless he gives you something (this is also blackmail). It doesn鈥檛 matter if you intend to tell your parents or not鈥攖he statement is still a threat.

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What are some other forms related to threaten?

  • threatening (continuous tense verb, adjective)
  • threatened (past tense verb, adjective)
  • threat (verb)

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How is聽threaten used in real life?

Threaten is always used in negative contexts, especially ones that involve some kind of harm or violence.


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Is threaten used correctly in the following sentence?

After I accidentally knocked over their snowman, the kids threatened to throw snowballs at me.

How to use threaten in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for threaten

/ (藞胃r蓻tn) /

(tr) to be a threat to
to be a menacing indication of (something); portenddark clouds threatened rain
(when tr, may take a clause as object) to express a threat to (a person or people)

Derived forms of threaten

threatener, nounthreatening, adjectivethreateningly, adverb
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