Three Hours


, Roman Catholic Church.
  1. a religious observance practiced between noon and three o'clock on the afternoon of Good Friday.

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Example Sentences

Every shift at LLGS, a counseling hotline which celebrated its 40th birthday earlier this year, was three hours long.

But three hours from the construction site, the war between oil and conservation is palpable.

We flipped off our smartphones for three hours and it only killed us a little.

For the next three hours, a small group taunted law enforcement.

In just three hours 1,645 people were killed and 889 injured.

The other day an excursion was arranged to Sondershausen, a town about three hours' ride from Weimar in the cars.

Three hours ago you had never seen me, and now you swear my indifference will kill you.

Such concentration is very exhausting, and after two or three hours' practice I feel as if I should drop off the chair.

Mr. Longcluse wrote it about three hours ago, and requested me to place it in your own hand, as I now do.

The battle raged for three hours, the combatants being finally within fifty yards of each other.