or three-quar·ters

[ three-kwawr-ter ]


  1. consisting of or involving three quarters of a whole or of the usual length:

    a blouse with a three-quarter sleeve.

  2. (of a portrait) showing the face as seen from in front and somewhat to the side:

    a three-quarter view.



  1. being three quarters of something

    a three-quarter turn

  2. being of three quarters the normal length


  1. rugby
    1. any of the four players between the fullback and the halfbacks
    2. this position
    3. ( as modifier )

      three-quarter play

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Word History and Origins

Origin of three-quarter1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50

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Example Sentences

The three and three-quarter minutes which it is necessary to wait, while the time lock is opening, are to me golden moments.

After a three-quarter-mile rowing session, we jump out to observe coral reefs.

She was wearing a slim-fitting bright red dress with three-quarter-length sleeves.

Dolcoath Shammal engine, with a cylinder of 45 inches in diameter, did twenty-six and three-quarter millions.

I repeated, grimly; "then you've exactly two and three-quarter seconds left for preparations."

The day's march was a solid five and three quarter miles against a fifty-mile wind.

In the evening, Moyes and I weighed ourselves again; he had gained seven pounds and I five and three-quarter pounds.

The wekas or Maori hens are small, flightless birds, averaging when full grown about two and three-quarter pounds.


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