[ three-stahr ]


  1. of or being a lieutenant general, as indicated by three stars on an insignia.

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Example Sentences

In 2003, Bernard Loiseau took his own life after succumbing to the pressures of maintaining his three-star rating.

Five-star reviews made me deliriously happy; three-star reviews crushingly sad.

Liebling did not go to Paris as a rich person, eating three-star meals, and he says that helped his appreciation.

He moved to New York to open Patria, a New York Times three-star restaurant, where he created his Nuevo Latino cuisine.

The first two rows of seats at the right of the aisle were crammed with generals, two-star and three-star.

Penny, we have barely thirty minutes in which to catch the three-star edition!

But a hospital ship, with its staff of Two-star and Three-star Physicians, was not to be called except in cases of extreme need.

The powder metallurgy men turned up an hour later, and a three-star general from Washington.

Mr. Parker shook his head and began to read the three-star edition of the paper, its ink still damp from the press.





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