1. providing connections to three routes from a central point
  2. involving three things or people

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Example Sentences

“You were going to work your way into my marriage and you were going to call its new three-way shape holy” the narrator recounts.

LePage owed his election in 2010 to a split opposition, as he won a tight three-way race over Cutler and Democrat Libby Mitchell.

Polls show that in Maine, Tea Party Gov. Paul LePage is poised to win reelection in a three-way contest.

A three-way tabloid circulation war was being waged amid a three-way mayoral election.

The campaign was a tight three-way battle until two weeks out when Perez was suddenly and dramatically thrown off the ballot.

I might remind you gentlemen that although we're supposedly a three-way partnership, actually, everything's in my name.

The third channel of the three-way tap is connected, by means of rubber tubing, with the nozzle of an ordinary separator funnel.

Remove the screw clamp from the rubber tubing, adjust the three-way tap, seal all joints with melted wax, and incubate.

A three-way tap is let horizontally into the vertical tube just above its junction with the bell jar.

Diagrams of three-way switches are given in Figures 176 and 177.


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