[ thren-uh-dee ]
/ ˈθrɛn ə di /

noun, plural thren·o·dies.

a poem, speech, or song of lamentation, especially for the dead; dirge; funeral song.


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Origin of threnody

1615–25; < Greek thrēnōidía, equivalent to thrên(os) dirge + -ōid(ḗ) song (see ode) + -ia -y3

Related formsthre·no·di·al [thri-noh-dee-uh l] /θrɪˈnoʊ di əl/, thre·nod·ic [thri-nod-ik] /θrɪˈnɒd ɪk/, adjectivethren·o·dist [thren-uh-dist] /ˈθrɛn ə dɪst/, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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threnode (ˈθriːnəʊd, ˈθrɛn-)

/ (ˈθrɛnədɪ, ˈθriː-) /

noun plural threnodies or threnodes

an ode, song, or speech of lamentation, esp for the dead
Derived Formsthrenodial (θrɪˈnəʊdɪəl) or threnodic (θrɪˈnɒdɪk), adjectivethrenodist (ˈθrɛnədɪst, ˈθriː-), noun

Word Origin for threnody

C17: from Greek thrēnōidia, from thrēnos dirge + ōidē song

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Word Origin and History for threnody



"song of lamentation," 1630s, from Greek threnodia, from threnos "dirge, lament" + oide "ode" (see ode). Greek threnos probably is from a PIE imitative root meaning "to murmur, hum;" cf. Old English dran "drone," Gothic drunjus "sound," Greek tenthrene "a kind of wasp."

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