through and through

In every part or aspect, throughout. For example, I was wet through and through, or He was a success through and through. This idiom originally was used to indicate literally penetration, as by a sword. The figurative usage was first recorded in 1410.

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How to use through and through in a sentence

  • I'm a Lindsey Graham guy through-and-through, but having a few Tea Party boys running around up there isn't the end of the world.

  • The conviction in his stare—its through-and-through conviction—had infected her; and she gave in to it for the moment, crushed.

    The Dark Flower | John Galsworthy
  • The staircase has through-and-through ventilation of its own.

    The Dwelling House | George Vivian Poore
  • They are all abstractions from the Whole, and of course the “through-and-through” character can not be found in them.

  • The “through-and-through” philosophy, as it actually exists, reminds many of us of that clergyman.