throw out

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to discard or reject

  2. to expel or dismiss, esp forcibly

  1. to construct (something projecting or prominent, such as a wing of a building)

  2. to put forward or offer: the chairman threw out a new proposal

  3. to utter in a casual or indirect manner: to throw out a hint

  4. to confuse or disconcert: the noise threw his concentration out

  5. to give off or emit

  6. cricket (of a fielder) to put (the batsman) out by throwing the ball to hit the wicket

  7. baseball to make a throw to a teammate who in turn puts out (a base runner)

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How to use throw out in a sentence

  • Just try it once, and you'll see how ingenious it is—only one must be careful not to throw out the elbow in turning out the wrist.

  • Try to throw out all the good points in the parts taken by the other members of the company.

  • Variance appeared to be necessary to their existence; a safety-valve, for the ill humors they could not throw out upon others.

    Alone | Marion Harland
  • The Lords are in a corner; they've got to fight now or never, and I think they will throw out the Budget.

    The New Machiavelli | Herbert George Wells
  • Of course I can lower your tea in a tin bucket, and if it should rain I can throw out umbrellas.

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throw out

Give off, emit, as in That flashlight throws out a powerful beam. [Mid-1700s] Also see throw off, def. 2.

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