[ thahy-es-teez ]

nounClassical Mythology.
  1. the brother of Atreus who unknowingly ate the flesh of his own sons when served to him by Atreus.

Other words from Thyestes

  • Thy·es·te·an [thahy-es-tee-uhn, thahy-e-stee-uhn], /θaɪˈɛs ti ən, ˌθaɪ ɛˈsti ən/, Thy·es·ti·an, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for Thyestes


/ (θaɪˈɛstiːz) /

  1. Greek myth son of Pelops and brother of Atreus, with whose wife he committed adultery. In revenge, Atreus killed Thyestes' sons and served them to their father at a banquet

Derived forms of Thyestes

  • Thyestean or Thyestian (θaɪˈɛstɪən, ˌθaɪɛˈstiːən), adjective

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