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noun, plural tis. Music.
  1. the syllable for the seventh tone of a diatonic scale.
  2. (in the fixed system of solmization) the tone B.
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Also te.
Compare sol-fa(def 1).

Origin of ti1

1835–45; substituted for si to avoid confusion with the sharp of sol. See gamut


noun, plural tis.
  1. a widely cultivated tropical plant, Cordyline terminalis, of the agave family, having narrow, leathery, often variegated leaves and yellowish, white, or reddish flowers.
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Origin of ti2

Borrowed into English from Polynesian around 1830–40


Symbol, Chemistry.
  1. titanium.
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  1. music a variant spelling of te
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noun plural tis
  1. a woody palmlike agave plant, Cordyline terminalis, of the East Indies, having white, mauve, or reddish flowers. The sword-shaped leaves are used for garments, fodder, thatch, etc, and the root for food and liquor
  2. a similar and related plant, Cordyline australis, of New Zealand
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Word Origin

of Polynesian origin


the chemical symbol for
  1. titanium
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ti in Medicine


  1. The symbol for the elementtitanium

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