[ tee-ar-uh, -ahr-uh, -air-uh ]
/ tiˈær ə, -ˈɑr ə, -ˈɛər ə /


a jeweled, ornamental coronet worn by women.
Roman Catholic Church. a head-piece consisting of three coronets on top of which is an orb and a cross, worn by the pope, or carried before him during certain nonliturgical functions.
the position, authority, and dignity of the pope.
a high headdress, or turban, worn by the ancient Persians and others.

Origin of tiara

1545–55; < Latin: headdress < Greek tiā́ra kind of turban


ti·ar·aed, adjectiveti·ar·a·like, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for tiara

/ (tɪˈɑːrə) /


a woman's semicircular jewelled headdress for formal occasions
a high headdress worn by Persian kings in ancient times
RC Church
  1. a headdress worn by the pope, consisting of a beehive-shaped diadem surrounded by three coronets
  2. the office or rank of pope

Derived forms of tiara

tiaraed, adjective

Word Origin for tiara

C16: via Latin from Greek, of Oriental origin
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