tiger cat

  1. any of several felines, as the ocelot or margay, that resemble the tiger in coloration or ferocity but are smaller.

  2. a spotted marsupial cat, Dasyurus (Dasyurops) maculatus.

  1. a domestic cat having a striped coat resembling that of a tiger.

Origin of tiger cat

First recorded in 1690–1700

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How to use tiger cat in a sentence

  • “I think I never saw such a tiger cat,” remarked the old gentleman when she had finished.

    A Daughter of the Union | Lucy Foster Madison
  • And then, to his astonishment, this tiger-cat became suddenly metamorphosed into a dove.

    The Doomsman | Van Tassel Sutphen
  • The animal called the margay is really a kind of small ocelot, and it is sometimes known as the tiger-cat.

  • We were merely talking about a certain dishonest parson who rode in hay-carts, when the fellow sprang on Jones like a tiger-cat.

    St. Winifred's | Frederic W. Farrar
  • There was no way of escape for him, however, and he sprang like a tiger-cat at the ensign.

    The Disputed V.C. | Frederick P. Gibbon

British Dictionary definitions for tiger cat

tiger cat

  1. a medium-sized feline mammal, Felis tigrina, of Central and South America, having a dark-striped coat

  2. any similar feline with tiger-like markings, such as the margay

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