[ til-uh k ]
/ ˈtɪl ək /

noun, plural til·ak, til·aks.

a distinctive spot of colored powder or paste worn on the forehead by Hindu men and women as a religious symbol.

Origin of tilak

From the Sanskrit word tilaka
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/ (ˈtɪlək) /

noun plural -ak or -aks

a coloured spot or mark worn by Hindus, esp on the forehead, often indicating membership of a religious sect, caste, etc, or (in the case of a woman) marital status

Word Origin for tilak

from Sanskrit tilaka

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/ (ˈtɪlək) /


Bal Gangadhar (ˈbæl ˈɡæŋədɑː), also called Lokamanya. 1856–1920, Indian nationalist leader, educationalist, and scholar, who founded (1914) the Indian Home Rule League
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