[ til-ee ]

  1. Count Jo·han Tser·claes von [yoh-hahn tser-klahsfuhn], /ˈyoʊ hɑn tsɛrˈklɑs fən/, 1559–1632, German general in the Thirty Years' War.

  2. Also Til·lie. a female given name, form of Matilda.

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How to use Tilly in a sentence

  • No sooner was he gone than Mark called Tilly and handed her the papers he had kept, asking her if she would not burn them.

  • "I shall never forget her," replied Mark, and there was more meaning in his words than Tilly thought.

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/ (ˈtɪlɪ) /

  1. Count Johan Tserclaes von (joˈhɑn tsɛrˈklas fɔn). 1559–1632, Flemish soldier, who commanded the army of The Catholic League (1618–32) and the imperial forces (1630–32) in the Thirty Years' War

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