or tym·bal

[ tim-buh l ]
/ ˈtɪm bəl /


a kettledrum.
Entomology. a vibrating membrane in certain insects, as the cicada.

Origin of timbal

1670–80; < French, Middle French timbale, alteration (by association with cymbale cymbal) of tamballe, itself alteration (by association with tambour drum, tambour) of Spanish atabal < Arabic al ṭabl the drum
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Examples from the Web for timbal

  • Serve in pattie shells of baked pastry or in timbal cases or on buttered toast.

British Dictionary definitions for timbal



/ (ˈtɪmbəl) /


music a type of kettledrum

Word Origin for timbal

C17: from French timbale, from Old French tamballe, (associated also with cymbale cymbal), from Old Spanish atabal, from Arabic at-tabl the drum
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