/ (ˈtɪmbəˌleɪk) /

  1. Justin . born 1981, US pop singer; a member of the boy band NSYNC, he later found success with the bestselling solo album Justified (2002)

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How to use Timberlake in a sentence

  • "That's the housekeeper—Matty Timberlake, the very salt of the earth," whispered Mrs. Colfax.

    The Builders | Ellen Glasgow
  • Mrs. Timberlake looked up from the coffee urn with a smile that was like a facial contortion.

    The Builders | Ellen Glasgow
  • The door had hardly closed after him, when it opened again noiselessly, and Mrs. Timberlake thrust her head through the crack.

    The Builders | Ellen Glasgow
  • It seemed too cruel—but wasn't that just what Mrs. Timberlake meant when she said that Mr. Blackburn 'wouldn't mince matters?'

    The Builders | Ellen Glasgow
  • For a moment Mrs. Timberlake stared through the window at a sparrow which was perched on the topmost branch of a juniper.

    The Builders | Ellen Glasgow