[ tahym-bahyn-ding ]

  1. the distinctively human attribute of preserving memories and records of experiences for the use of subsequent generations.

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How to use time-binding in a sentence

  • He would be unconscious for some time, Muggs knew, as he did not intend to waste precious time binding and gagging him.

    Black Star's Campaign | Johnston McCulley
  • And so the matter was discussed between them, Aunt Letty in the mean time binding up the bruised arm with cold-water appliances.

    Castle Richmond | Anthony Trollope
  • But was there ever a visitation like his own, at the same time binding one to life and so cruelly mortal!

    Within the Tides | Joseph Conrad
  • In simple white she moved, her hair rippling in sunlit curls to her neck, her maiden snood still for the last time binding it up.

    Lochinvar | S. R. Crockett