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[ tahym-on-erd ]


  1. revered or respected because of antiquity and long continuance:

    a time-honored custom.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of time-honored1

First recorded in 1585–95
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Example Sentences

This time-honored phenomenon has a name: The October surprise.

Thus, the time-honored approach of separating the sick from the well is unlikely to prevent spread.

A time-honored and noble legacy is kept alive by a yearning for discovery and exploration.

Establishing a blue-ribbon commission in the midst of scandal is a time-honored Washington tradition.

Writing about themselves having sex is a time-honored way for young women to get it.

In accordance with the time-honored New England custom, on Sunday morning we had our “baked beans.”

They had met that evening, said the speaker, in accordance with a time-honored custom.

But blood will tell, and here he was in the time-honored custom of the family!

Such an innovation on the time-honored ways of South Plains had never been heard of before.

Time honored tradition had said: "Life can exist only where there is oxygen, water and warmth."





Time heals all woundstime-honoured