[ tahym-laps ]


  1. done by means of time-lapse photography:

    a time-lapse study of the blooming of a flower.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of time-lapse1

First recorded in 1925–30

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Example Sentences

I shut my eyes yet felt aware of the garden at my elbow, the blooms opening as if in time-lapse, the stalks lengthening.

Rich defendant, revolving door attorneys, last-minute plea deals… cue the brooding theme music and time-lapse photography.

This haunting time lapse shows the effect of the fire on the surrounding area.

Watch this fascinating time lapse of the construction of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, that is.

A time lapse movie of the sunrise and the fog rolling in to Downtown Dubai and Business Bay.

Erickson was a beloved and valuable figure in the world of science, famous for his recently publicized "time lapse" theory.

In such wise would May from time to time lapse, and become, as Aletta had put it to herself, “common.”

There was still some time lapse from the time you heard the noise like a firecracker and she came up?

Then, after a definite time lapse, the exhaust of Haines' heavy shell appeared.

This person he wished you to let a certain time lapse before the telling by you.





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