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time limit


  1. a period of time within which an action or procedure must be done or completed.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of time limit1

First recorded in 1875–80

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Example Sentences

Northam did not set a time limit on the special session, but lawmakers said they expect to keep to a traditional schedule and wrap up by the end of the month.

The researchers did some math based on a seal’s oxygen stores and diving time limits.

The exception to that rule is the Family Safety feature, which lets you set screen time limits and monitor app and web use across Windows, Android, and Xbox platforms by any of the members of your family.

So it was going through the process of doing my homework and finding out in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when the time limit was up.

Rivera has had six bans alone this year, all with varying time limits.

One hundred days before the election seems appropriate time limit for a campaign.

I also set a time limit, usually four hours, with a brief respite in the middle.

Because the time limit for Roundtree to appeal his denial had passed, Fox helped him file a new disability claim.

The second limit to Murray's curiosity is revealed by his time limit: "1960 to 2010."

Ordinarily there is a three-year time limit to file for a criminal-injury award, but the government made an exception for me.

Four days from now the time limit is up and they'll be formally married.

Big Jeff took down his bid at seven-fifteen and filed his new bid at seven forty-five; fifteen minutes after the legal time limit.

This might be so long as to exceed the time limit set for his return to Dick and Phil, and consequently give them cause to worry.

Make five minutes time limit for each side and permit no one to tag above the knee.

The time limit set for the German reply came and passed with no official communication with Berlin.


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