1. (of a craftsman or tradesman) having completed an apprenticeship; fully trained and competent

    a time-served mechanic

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Example Sentences

According to the Free Beacon, Taylor was sentenced to one year behind bars, with two months reduced for time served.

He has continued on active duty and received promotions for time served.

He was sentenced to four years and released immediately because of time served.

An earlier version of this story misstated the length of Hubbard's jail sentence and time served.

Historically, Nora Ephron was once a senior editor at Esquire, and Betsy Carter at one time served as editorial director.

An incident occurring about this time served to illustrate and to confirm their courage.

This circumstance for a time served to turn the current of attention into a new channel.

During the night Mr. Kichibei caught his stock in trade, and in the day-time served them, smoking hot, to his customers.

The time during which he is on licence, and conforming to the conditions therein, counts as time served in the institution.

Sofya Lvovna's father was an army doctor, and had at one time served in the same regiment with Colonel Yagitch.





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