time travel


  1. hypothetical transport through time into the past or the future.

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Example Sentences

Whatever variant they meet will likely be very interested in time travel through the Quantum Realm, as the title Quantumania suggests.

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It feels like every day, we get one step closer to figuring out the science behind time travel.

Considering that Loki will involve lots of time travel, it’s probable that we’ll get a glimpse of the multiverse in this show.

From Time

Then we would better understand space and time and perhaps finally decide if time travel is a realistic possibility, and if so, how to achieve it.

Physicists are far from agreeing over whether time travel of this sort is possible.

Underneath its comic-book action and time-travel shenanigans, X-Men: Days of Future Past questions the use of military robots.

The title of his forthcoming book is Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans.

But somehow in the long run, truth and time travel the same road.

As soon as I entered West 100th Street, I understood that this experience was going to involve time travel.

Nine years ago he dazzled audiences with his $7,000 time-travel flick ‘Primer.’

His story is plausible, logical, once you grant the basic premise that time travel is an actuality.

It seems absurd that parts of the same train can at any time travel in opposite directions, but such is the case.

During this journey we recovered something of the conditions of old-time travel.

Even for younger Destinyworkers, time travel at best was an exhausting business.

We may dimly perceive something of the trials and hardships of old-time travel in that expression harbouring.





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