timothy grass


/ (ˈtɪməθɪ) /

  1. a perennial grass, Phleum pratense, of temperate regions, having erect stiff stems and cylindrical flower spikes: grown for hay and pasture

Origin of timothy grass

C18: apparently named after a Timothy Hanson, who brought it to colonial Carolina

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How to use timothy grass in a sentence

  • Just as the Englishmen had used only timothy grass in their cases, Koessler used rag weed exclusively.

    The Treatment of Hay Fever | George Frederick Laidlaw
  • These insects attack also rye, barley, and timothy-grass, though they seem to prefer wheat.

  • On the other side, where timothy grass and oats had grown, was stubble, dotted by tall stumps and fern.

    Northwest! | Harold Bindloss
  • The grass that is most commonly cultivated here, is timothy-grass.

  • I think nothing can beat it cutting timothy grass, and I intend to purchase one for that purpose.

    Obed Hussey | Various