[ tin-pleyt ]
/ ˈtɪnˌpleɪt /

verb (used with object), tin-plat·ed, tin-plat·ing.

to coat (iron or steel sheet) with tin.

Origin of tin-plate

First recorded in 1885–90

Related forms

tin-plat·er, noun

Definition for tin-plate (2 of 2)

tin plate

or tin·plate


thin iron or steel sheet coated with tin.

Origin of tin plate

First recorded in 1670–80
Also called tin.
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British Dictionary definitions for tin-plate

tin plate


thin steel sheet coated with a layer of tin that protects the steel from corrosion

verb tin-plate

(tr) to coat (a metal or object) with a layer of tin, usually either by electroplating or by dipping in a bath of molten tin

Derived Forms

tin-plater, noun
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