tin whistle

  1. another name for penny whistle

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How to use tin whistle in a sentence

  • And never a rag holdin' nor a stick standin', and her pretty figger broke like a tin whistle in a Corliss engine.

    Mrs. Falchion, Complete | Gilbert Parker
  • Saying this he blew upon a tin whistle that was suspended from his tin neck, and at the summons a servant appeared and bowed low.

    The Tin Woodman of Oz | L. Frank Baum
  • But, the first thing you know, you'll find yourself blowing on a tin whistle and wearing a fool's cap of green paper!

    The Lieutenant-Governor | Guy Wetmore Carryl
  • The bottom of his trousers was always in tatters, so much did dogs dislike a tin whistle.

    Beggars | W. H. (William Henry) Davies
  • He could seldom blow three notes on his tin whistle before he was accompanied, against his wish, by a dog's voice.

    Beggars | W. H. (William Henry) Davies